Awning & Custom Closet Gift Certificates 20% off thru 12/23/09

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Sometimes I have to stifle the little voice inside my head that gets grouchy under the pressure of hectic holiday schedules and the pursuit of the perfect gifts for the people on my list. Why am I finding myself wrapping presents at midnight (again)? Why don’t we all, as a society, give gifts year-round instead of searching desperately for presents in time for a certain holiday party? ‘Shush,’ I say to the little voice. The concept of giving gifts year-round is attractive and some people do manage it. But the fact is that many of us don’t follow through to surprise a friend with that little trinket on a random day in May or September. Many of us don’t take the time during the rest of the year to send out a greeting to every one of those people on the holiday card list. We’re busy and preoccupied, so we depend on this holiday madness to remind us to make a gesture of appreciation or affection to the people in our lives.

If you’re looking for an extra-special present this year, consider Otter Creek Gift Certificates on sale for 20% off through 12/23/09. Save yourself from wondering “will it fit her?” or “will he read it?”or -dare I mention it-whether your gift is destined for the ‘re-gifting’ pile? Can you picture him reading or napping under the cool, comfortable shade of a retractable awning Striped awning next summer? Keep the grill under the awning for shelter in case of a summer rain shower. Picture her entertaining friends under the new awning where everyone can be comfortable despite the summer heat. Give an Otter Creek Gift Certificate for a custom awning. It’s a gift the whole household can appreciate for years to come.

Or, how about a gift certificate for Otter Creek Custom Closets? It’s the perfect gift for anyone who likes to be organized (or who wants to try to be organized someday).  Even for the person who loves fashion and needs a place to put all their treasures.   Best of all, closets are something we all use every day, year round, all the time. It’s practical and yet it feels like a luxury to open the door to a beautiful, neatly appointed custom closet. Give an Otter Creek Gift Certificate and let your loved one personalize their space with our custom closet designer. Don’t forget that our closet and storage options Pantry include pantry features too, if your culinary wonder would like to maximize space for gadgets, small appliances and food supplies.

Otter Creek makes it easy for you give the perfect gift: this holiday season Otter Creek gift certificates are 20% off through December 23, 2009. Stop by our showroom on South Brownell Road in Williston or call us to order over the phone. Avoid the crowds and standing in lines; enjoy more free time for the opportunity to spend time with friends and family. Happy Holidays from Otter Creek!