Otter Creek’s Design and Installation Process for Custom Closets

Otter Creek’s Design and Installation Process for Custom Closets

Your project starts with you in mind and we strive for the process to be easy, fun, and professional. The design consultation is where we’ll discuss key considerations including:

  • Your intentions for the space or spaces including a complete inventory of the items you’ll be organizing and storing.
  • Your style preferences for everything from finishes and hardware, to colors, organizational features, and accessories.
  • Your own storage preferences. For example, do you like to hang clothing or would you rather store items flat and folded? Do you prefer drawers, open shelves, or a combination?
  • The dimension of the target space or spaces and aspects such as doorways, light switches, outlets, laundry chutes, etc.
  • Your budget.  We have a range of options and it is helpful to have a budget range to target.

Once we know exactly what you’re looking for, our designers will use a CAD program to create a custom design that makes optimum use of your space and includes user-friendly closet organization ideas based on our years of extensive experience. They will show you all the possibilities!

The rest is easy! Once you decide on a design we will schedule your installation within a couple of weeks.  It generally takes only a day or two for the actual closet system to be installed depending on the size of the project. Our installation process is actually a point of distinction for our customers who appreciate that our team is dedicated to installing closet systems every day and does not deviate between installing other product lines. This means that they are completed in the most efficient and informed manner possible and with consistent technique.

Let us help you make your closet dreams come true with our easy and fun process for designing and installing Custom Closets!