Awnings can enhance the curb appeal of your home or business.  Awnings add a pop of color and can enhance the entrance to your home. When doing your research and trying to make decisions about what type and color of  awning to buy don’t be afraid to ask your awning representative.  If they are a seasoned representative not only will they have knowledge of product and manufacturer but also know what looks good.  Here are some questions and ideas that may help you get started. 

Do you want your awning to add color or embellish your current façade?

Is your awning for the front of your home or is it part of a patio or pool area?

Fabric choices

Choose colors and patterns that reflect your interior style, especially that of an interior foyer, to provide visual continuity upon entry.

What is the style of your home?


Look for fabrics that complement the architectural style of your home or business. Traditional architecture often works best with traditional colors such as forest green, neutrals or navy. Stripes are a good choice for colonials and cottage-style homes. Beige, salmon, or terra-cotta solids and stripes work well with Southwestern-style and stucco-sided buildings.

Contemporary Homes- consider using bright color or unanticipated contrast.

Edging-Scalloped valances are a good choice for traditional homes and shops.

Modern Homes – Keep the awning design simple and the fabric solid on homes with multiple angled rooflines or architectural elements.


Pick patterns that are proportional to the size of your structure and your awning. Small stripes may look busy on a large expanse of fabric, while wide-striped fabrics can overwhelm a small ranch-style home.


Coordinate awning fabrics and binding trim with exterior colors, such as the primary paint color, trim color, and/or shingles. Selecting valance binding to match masses of color in a nearby garden can offer subtle and creative continuity between your home and landscape.


If heat reduction is a motivation for your awning purchase, choose light colors to reflect direct sunlight.  Awnings will keep the sun from heating the window in your home and causing you to turn on your air conditioner.

For additional information on energy savings see New Data – Fabric Awnings & Exterior Shades Can Help Homeowners Reduce Cooling Costs by More than 50%