The Windscreen that Rises above all others…

Glass Screens for your home or business!

A Glass Screen can provide shelter from cold winds and harsh weather while not sacrificing your view or distract you from relaxing in an open air-environment. The DuraShade Glass Screen adjustable windscreen provides protection against these elements, making outdoor dining more comfortable and enjoyable.  This Glass Screen is the new easily adjustable windscreen for your home or restaurant. This is the first product in the market that offers maximum flexibility and comfort. Now you can decide the height you want for wind protection and more.  This adjustable windscreen provides atmosphere and enjoyment for outdoor relaxation.

glass screen on water

Adjustable Wind Screen Benefits

• Height Adjustable

• Lock Option

• Aluminum Frame

• Laminated Glass

• Corner or Wall Attachment

• Electric Operation Available

• Custom Color Options


The Windscreen that Rises above all others…

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