Curb Appeal – Do You Have It?

There are articles and TV shows that talk about it and create it.

Whether you are thinking of selling your home now, in the future or just want a nicer outdoor space here are some simple ideas that will add curb appeal and enjoyment.

  • Add planters with flowers, three is the magic number and vary the heights
  • A seating area like a brightly colored chair or bench
  • Give some height to your space and add topiary behind a seating area
  • Paint your front door red
  • Add a retractable awning or fixed canopy to expand the outdoor living space and draw attention to the area
  • Clean your walkway with a rented power washer and prune your weeds
  • Edging your walkway with seasonal short flowers gives a fresh and welcoming feel
  • Trim your bushes and trees so your home can be seen
  • If you don’t have shutter consider adding them, it dresses up the home
  • A fresh coat of paint on your shutter will make them pop
  • Power wash your garage doors and if need be paint them the same color as your shutters
  • If you have mold on your wood decking try cleaning with Clorox – a broom helps to spread the Clorox and whisk away the mold

Please feel free to share other ideas for great curb appeal.

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Window Awnings, Otter Creek Awnings
Window Awnings, Otter Creek Awnings