Our Customers are Top Priority

We know our customers are our “Top Priority” at Otter Creek Awnings and we strive to have every customers feel that way.  The foundation of our mission is to serve our clients by providing exceptional products and impeccable service every day. But how do we do that?

The experience our customers can expect when they purchase an awning may start with a phone call.  We have a simple rule; we try not to let the phone ring more than twice. If you leave a voice message for one of us at Otter Creek every effort is made to be back in touch the same day or within 24 hours.  We have heard from many of our customers how much they appreciate how quickly we respond.

If you stop in the showroom Jennifer (our Director of First Impressions) has no problem shifting her focus from her many other tasks to guide you around the showroom. If you schedule a home visit, it’s at your convenience and you can expect a Design and Sales Representative to be professional, confirm your appointment and follow up when they say they will.  And when you place an order with us our goal is to schedule the installation within a week.

What happens when something doesn’t go smoothly? We will talk through the issue and resolve it to the satisfaction of our customers. We understand the value of taking care of our customers so even if things don’t go smoothly they will work with us again in the future.

If you are in the market for any shade products; a retractable awning, a stationary canopy, solar shades, or umbrellas, know that when you inquire with us you will always be “Top Priority”!