Sometimes a BIG umbrella is the PERFECT shading solution.

Almost everyone has relaxed in the shade of an umbrella.  They come in all shapes and sizes and like most products, not all are created equal. Umbrellas are available in different price ranges and there are many considerations to determine their quality and value. The following are a few questions to consider before purchasing an umbrella for your home.

  1. The construction of the umbrella is critical to its performance. Look for a single piece pole instead of a two piece pole which will be much more durable. And it should be made of a durable material like Bamboo.
  2. The quality of the mechanics, (the rope and pulley and the hardware), will contribute to the ease of operation. This is especially important for large umbrellas or even a smaller one over a table.
  3. The weight and quality of the base is essential to its performance. Look for a base that is at least 66lbs.
  4. Fabric should stand up to the weather. Look for spun acrylic or Sunbrella fabric to keep it mildew and fade resistant.
  5. Ask about whether the umbrella can be fixed or recovered if necessary. A good quality umbrella from a reputable dealer will be able to service the product and order parts and new fabric if needed after a few years of use.

Like any product, there are different levels of quality. At Otter Creek awnings our collection of umbrellas include large profile cantilevered umbrellas, traditional center pole umbrellas and weighted bases. Each umbrella is built to last using only the finest materials.  An Otter Creek umbrella may be the last umbrella you ever have to buy.