An Umbrella, Is It The Right Solution?

One of the more popular accessories to your outdoor living space is an umbrella. It provides shade on those summer days when you’re putting food out, so it doesn’t spoil.

Other benefits that you may not have thought of:

A patio umbrella offers shelter from the heat of the sun and also protection from harmful UV rays.  There are fabrics that lend themselves to effective UV protection, blocking up to 98% of harmful UV rays.  That being said most quality fabrics can act as a barrier between your skin and the harmful rays of the sun. With the increased diagnosis in skin cancer and sun-induced skin damage over recent years, the patio umbrella becomes an integral part of your outdoor living area.


Enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space.  There different styles of umbrellas, center pole, market umbrellas and cantilever in addition to variety of colored fabrics to choose from.  This allows you to be creative and match your style of your outdoor living environment.

Umbrellas are convenient and provide instant shade.  Want shade, open your umbrella.  Don’t want shade, close your umbrella.  Umbrellas have a convenient crank for opening and closing them with minimal effort. It’s as simple as that.

Installation is minimal and you can do it yourself.  A heavy base to secure the umbrella and then the umbrella itself are the only pieces involved.  Unless you’re having your umbrella mounted to your deck you can install your umbrella in minutes.

We invite you to stop in to our showroom where we have all of our umbrella options available to see.