Awnings and Outdoor Furniture that Complement Your Home

Choosing colors for your outdoor living space doesn’t need to be stressful.  Your awning design representative can make recommendations from the hundreds of Sunbrella choices available and help with the color of the framework as well, but what about the rest of your outdoor space.  Here are some great ideas to help you choose what’s right for your outdoor living space.

  • Your personality can drive your color choices.  If you are one who likes monochromatic colors then think about choosing contrasting patters to give visual interest.  Choose a brown for furniture as it will go with just about anything.  Want to add a modern twist, choose gray with either crisp white or cream accents.
  • If you’re more of a risk taker and outgoing then let the color wheel spin.  Choose a complementary color or two or three.  Add a couple of fun patterns using multiple colors and it will help to keep your space free-flowing, eclectic and energized.
  • Using bright colors with light colors will balance things out.  Your furniture frames, awning frame, floor/deck and walls will ground your bright and light fun colors.
  • Consider your landscaping and planters in your design choices.  Lush greens from plants and trees can provide a soft background or a pop-in-color if you are doing a monochromatic color scheme.  Be mindful of your flower choices as they can become that added texture and color your outdoor living space may need.
  • Think about your indoor colors for your outdoors.  To create a seamless flow from your indoors’ to your outdoors, choose from the same color family.  It could be a lighter hue or a pattern to complement the space.
  • You want a space that is pleasing to the eye, so symmetry is key in any color scheme.  It could be the legs of your table, wall color, or rug and so on.  Also look at your home’s architecture to help guide you.  Hard edges, geometric shapes may direct you in choosing the right furniture and accessories on our porch or deck.

We hope you enjoy your summer in your new outdoor space!