Shade with a view!

Exterior Solar Shades and Fabric.
Exterior Solar Shades and Fabric. Motorized to glide in channels to function smoothly.

Solar shades are the solution. 

Designed to filter or block the sun but not your view, a solar shade saves money and provides comfort.

Solar shades are made of a mesh fabric that vary in what is known as an openness factor.  The more open the mesh, the more light that will filters through.  The tighter the mesh, less light will filter through. 

Solar shades come in manual and motorized, a limited selection of colors and can be mounted on the interior of the window or on the exterior. 

Interior solar shades are easy to install over existing windows and sliding glass doors.  It’s a non-intrusive element in your décor and prevents the sun from fading your furniture fabrics.

Exterior solar shades are a heavy-duty version of the interior system and can be designed to cover very large openings as well as enclose porches, proving wind and weather protection.  When installed on the exterior of a glass window, this system prevents the sun from penetrating the glass and absorbing the heat, keeping the home cooler and saving on air conditioning cost.  For maximum heat deflection or enclosing a porch, exterior solar shades are the answer.