Otter Creek Awnings

Your Remote

It’s a hot summer day and you want some shade from the sun and grab your remote.  You push the button but nothing happens. Before you panic give these trouble shooting ideas a try.





(1) Check to see if there is power to your remote.  When you push any button on your remote does the little light, light up?

  • If YES     then it’s not the battery in your remote.
  • If NO      then the battery is dead and should be replaced before trying anything else.

(2) Is your GFI switch out (tripped)? 

Your GFI switch is located in the middle of your outlet where your awning is plugged-into and is red.  If you have two switches and there is no color distinction, then it’s the top one that you want to push in. This type is also known as the Reset Button. 

GFI switches are not always where the awning is plugged in. They may be inside or in the bathroom, which mean the electrician ran wires from bathroom to the awning motor. It’s a good thing to make sure you check all of your GFI’s throughout the house.

  • If YES     push the GFI until it clicks and stays in.
  • If NO      try plugging a lamp or blow dryer into the outlet to see if it’s getting electricity.


Check your breaker box to see if your breaker switch is in the OFF position. Also, check your GFI switch using the information above.

  • If YES then push it into the ON position and see if your awning will operate.
  • If NO check to see if the switch that goes to the awning is positioned in the middle. 

The middle position is a neutral position and the awning will not operate.

In order to manually hand crank your awning in, your switch needs to be in the neutral/middle position.

If your breaker box is not tripped and the switch is not working you will need to call your electrician.

If your remote is still not working, call us at: 802.864.3009 or email us.