What to Look For in Outdoor Fabric

Curb appeal, comfort and style.  How do you blend it all?  It starts with high quality fabric and spectacular color.  Sunbrella has it!  Their fabric and is available in a variety of colors and patterns and will create the stunning look you desire.

Want to make a statement, than choose an awning with white or neutrals and a burst of your favorite color.  Fabric stripes come in bold and thin stripes.  The thin striped fabrics are available in a single and multi-colors.

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Thinking conservative, then keep in mind the look and color of the exterior of your home. A similar palette will ensure a smooth transition to your outdoor space creating a stylish extended room.

Your treasured outdoor furniture’s color palette can be an influencer as well. Your shade structure will be visible from inside the home, so be sure your fabric choice looks just as lovely from inside.

If the area you wish to shade is close to the house, an awning may be the right choice for your home.  A retractable awning provides the flexibility to relax in the shade when extended or bask in the sun when retracted. For more permanent shade, a fixed-frame awning will keep your outdoor space constantly covered from the elements.  Finally there are umbrellas.  Umbrellas can create a pop of color to any outdoor space, from home to commercial applications.