Solar shades are roll-up, retractable shades made from an advanced mesh fabric that blocks the sun, but not your view. This unique combination makes them the perfect solution for those struggling with solar gain through their glass, but don’t want to compromise their view.

INTERIOR SOLAR SHADES are very affordable and are easily installed over existing windows and sliding glass doors.  We use a variety of fabrics depending on the scenario, with openness factors ranging from 1% to 30%. The more open the fabric (30%), the more easily you will see through the fabric, but the less solar protection it offers.

EXTERIOR SOLAR SHADES are a heavy-duty version of the interior system and are designed for even the harshest winter conditions. When mounted to the outside of your windows, they deflect the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays before they enter your home. Because of this, exterior shades can be up to 40% more effective than their interior counterparts. These systems are versatile and can be designed to cover very large openings. They can also be used to enclose open porches, attached to retractable awnings and provide wind and weather protection.

Solar shades provide the perfect combination of appealing design & maximum performance.

Every Otter Creek product is customized to your specific use and location. We will work with you at your home to design the perfect solution to keep you cool and comfortable.

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