How do I remove the valance on my awning?

Removing the valance of the awning in the fall and winter storage extends the life of your valance and cuts down on wear and tear during the months the awning is retracted in.

  • Use a screwdriver to take off one of the plastic end caps on the front bar.
  • Loosen the fabric lock screws inside the track on each end of the valance, (these look like a little brass bullet) using an Allen Wrench/Hex Key.
  • Slide the valance out of the track and roll it up.  Roll-up your valance, Do NOT fold the valance as the small PVC piping will bend and make it hard to slide it back in when springtime comes.
  •  In addition, do NOT remove the PVC piping from the hem of the valance. The piping is much harder to get back into the valance than one would think.
  • Be sure to replace the end caps and store the fabric lock screws (bullet-like screws) from the track in a safe place.
  • Finally, store your valance in plastic bag and store in a dry place such as your garage, basement or attic until spring.
Diagram of awning front bar where valance is place.  Outlines awning fabric, awning lock, front rail, end cap and awning valance placement.