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Rally Against Cancer

2014-2018  We are proud that we were able to share our enthusiasm with you for UVM sports and everyone’s dedication to help spread the word about cancer, causes, and cures.

Rally Against Cancer events are part of an annual campaign designed to raise awareness for cancer research. UVM athletes wear special edition pink game jerseys and game gear to help bring awareness to the fight against cancer. The University of Vermont Cancer Center directly benefits from support and awareness that is created by these events.

As the past sponsor of the Rally Against Cancer games, we acknowledge the deep impact that cancer has on our employees, clients, friends, family and the community. We understand that to truly make an impact we must all be involved and that together with our efforts will result in meaningful progress toward treatments and an eventual cure.

It has been an honor and a pleasure to help spread the word and create awareness for the UVM Cancer Center.  We encourage the community at large to become involved and educated about what can be done. Every effort is a step in the direction of giving hope and meaningful treatment to a family member, friend or neighbor.

Each person who has been touched by cancer has a story to tell. They share their journey in hopes of providing inspiration, education, and hope to others.

Matt DiMasi was a local teenager headed off for his second year of college when what began as headaches and fatigue led him to the University of Vermont Cancer Center. He was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer. Matt, 27, shares in his book, My Cancer Card, that his clinical team would not give up, and his care team saw that Matt wouldn’t give up either. He survived against the odds.

Through participation in a UVM Cancer Center clinical research program called Steps to Wellness, which looked at the benefits of exercise and nutrition for cancer patients during and after treatment, Matt ran a leg of the VT City Marathon while in treatment. His cancer is now in remission and since that first marathon leg, he has enrolled in college, joined an adaptive ski program, run numerous races and published his first book.

Cancer didn’t stop Matt—and research helped fuel his recovery.

People like Matt inspire and deepen a commitment by the UVM Cancer Center to patients and families facing cancer. We thank our community whose financial support helps fuel the discoveries that will make all the difference to someone with cancer here in our community like Matt.

Join the many here in our region who are part of the team fighting cancer.

To find out more about causes, cures and donating, please visit the University of Vermont Cancer Center: | 802.656.4414.

Become active in the fight against cancer. Your support helps to fund research and keeping consumers informed and educated on causes and cures that can aid in spreading the word.