• Photo of valance on an awning with an Otter Creek Awnings tag.

    How do I remove the valance on my awning?

    Removing the valance of the awning in the fall and winter storage extends the life of your valance and cuts down on wear and tear during the months the awning…
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  • Photo of white toggled switch.

    The switch for my hardwired, motorized awning isn’t working. What should I do?

    Check your breaker box to see if your breaker switch is in the OFF position. Also, check your GFI switch using the information above. The middle position is a neutral…
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  • Photo of Somfy awning remote on a blue background.

    The remote for my motorized awning isn’t working. What should I do?

    Try these simple steps to troubleshoot. 1. Check to see if there is power to your remote When you push any button on your remote does the little light, light…
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  • Photo of retractable window awning with Sunbrella Shade Fabrics Care and Cleaning noted.

    How do I clean my awning?

    A common question we receive is how do I clean my awning? This video is a helpful tool that can help preserve the life and beauty of your awning. For…
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